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Plot 25/26 Kurudu
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Pre School

Our Pre-School

Our Preschool Section is designed to lay a solid foundation for children aged 18 months to 5+. The School is a specially-prepared Montessori environment and is regarded as one of the best Montessori Schools in Abuja, due to its qualified teachers and Child-Centred Facilities.

When you enrol your child in our Preschool, he or she will experience an adapted form of the Montessori Method of Education, which enables children to achieve their full potentials.


In teaching mathematics in Montessori Schools in Abuja – and all over the world – pupils are guided to use materials such as number rods, sandpaper numerals, spindle boxes, golden beads, materials and sequence operations.

Your child will have the same opportunity in La-Vogue British International Schools, to use mathematical materials to compute simple addition, subtraction, division and multiplication of numbers.

Cultural Subjects

Geography, Biology, Life Sciences, Music and Art make up Cultural Subjects. Your child will be introduced to these subjects through the use of Didactic Apparatus.

The Montessori Materials will help set a foundation for your child to develop an independent personality, adapt to his or her culture and become a useful member of the society.

Sensorial Education

These include elementary movements and preliminary activities such as classroom conduct and the development of fine motor skills – pouring, transferring, sweeping, opening and closing, care of self, care of the environment, development of social skills, grace and courtesy.

At La-Vogue British International Preschool, our teaching approach is Child-Centred. Our teachers neither impose on our pupils nor abandon them in total free play. Our classes are equipped with Montessori Didactic Materials in the following Montessori Curriculum Areas:


This involves the development of written expression, reading, writing, oral and grammar of your child. Your child’s basic skills in writing and reading will be developed through the use of sandpaper and large movable alphabet.

The components of our teaching environment are among the many reasons we are regarded as one of the best Montessori Schools in Abuja. These components are:

Our pupils move freely around the classroom, talking to one another and working with Montessori equipment of their choice.

An experience of the natural environment is given to help our pupils achieve harmony with nature.

Through exercises on the care of the environment, care of self and development of social skills, our pupils gain social awareness.

Our carefully planned and structured environment develops in our pupils, a sense of orderliness and an awareness of order in the external world.

Our teaching environment is aesthetically pleasing and simple, developing a sense of beauty in our pupils.

This develops our pupils’ awareness, helps build the required concepts for learning and sounds necessary for appropriate language development.

All the above curriculum areas help to support children through the formative years, and with our carefully organized Montessori environment, your child will learn and grow at his or her own pace. Our teachers will serve as the guide to encourage your child through these developmental processes. Aside from the Montessori Curriculum Areas, our Preschool offers elective options in Ballet, Swimming, French, Arts and Crafts, Cultural Activities, Gymnastics, Indoors Games and Story Time.

There is an assembly at 8: am every Monday where pupils participate in songs, poems, recitations and short plays. Our Preschool pupils participate in Outdoor Activities, P.E., Music and ICT.

The Montessori Teaching Method will help your child to be disciplined, independent, cultured, responsible, creative, imaginative and self-confident.